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The Additional Commissions Report provides an in-depth view of any payments categorized in the Profit & Loss Report as "Additional Payment". This report breaks down individual categories that comprise this additional payment with a graph that displays all statistics found in the table below based on dollar amount per day.

This report can prove useful for ensuring that your payments for commissions outside of basic commissions are accurate-- this includes affiliate referral commissions, Affiliate Manager commissions, partner payments, etc. This table can be used to see how costly these commissions can be, as well as view a day-to-day breakdown of statistics not specified in the Profit & Loss Report.

To view the Additional Payment Report, go to the Reporting Admin and select the "Additional Payment" tab from the side menu.

On the Additional Payment Report page, you will find a search box, a Payments graph, and a table displaying any additional non-standard payments in NATS For Networks. The search box allows you to narrow down your results by using various parameters, including parameters from Date Range, Affiliate, Offer, and Tracking.

The Payments Graph

The Payments graph provides a day-to-day breakdown of additional payments you have made or will make to affiliates, Affiliate Managers, or partners. These statistics include:

  • Affiliate Referral Payment - Displays the amount owed to affiliates who referred other affiliates
  • Affiliate Referral Signup Payment - Displays the amount owed to referred affiliates who refer customers to your offers
  • Affiliate Manager Payment - Displays the amount owed to your Affiliate Manager
  • Partner Payment - Displays the amount owed to your offer partner
  • Correction - Displays the dollar amount of any corrections that NATS For Networks, LLC staff has made to your payments. Only Too Much Media, LLC technicians can make corrections to your payments.
  • Tier Adjustment - Displays the dollar amount of any adjustments made to payments because of referral tiers
  • BYOA Payment - Displays any payments owed to affiliates from the Build Your Own Anything (BYOA) Module.
  • Total Additional Payment - Displays the total additional payment for the given date

The Additional Payment Report Table

The table below the Payments graph contains additional information, as well as exact values for the payments that you have made or will have to make. This includes the date that the additional payments were built, as well as the total sum of all additional payments that must be made.

Figures displayed in the Date, Affiliate Referral Payment, and Affiliate Referral Signup Payment columns will appear as hyperlinks. Clicking a date will take you to the Admin Overview page for that specified date.

Clicking the dollar amount in the Affiliate Referral Payment column takes you to the Affiliate Referral Tier Commissions Report, where you can view details about each payment that comprises the specified dollar amount.

Clicking the dollar amount in the Affiliate Referral Signup Payment column takes you to the Affiliate Referral Signup Commissions Report, where you can again view details regarding each transaction of this type, as well as a breakdown of payments that you owe.

NATS For Networks also offers the feature of being able to download a CSV dump for these statistics. To download this dump, simply click the "CSV" link under the search box.