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The Affiliate Ratios Report provides a convenient way to search for affiliates by their performance. For instance, if you want create special offers for your top affiliates with the highest conversion ratios, the Affiliate Ratios Report can be used to find them by limiting by specific criteria.

To view your Affiliate Ratios Report, go to the Reporting Admin and select the "Affiliate Ratios Report" from the side menu.

In the Affiliate Ratios Report page, there will be a search box and an affiliate ratios table. The search box allows you to narrow down your results by using various parameters, including parameters from Date Range, affiliate, Offer, and Tracking.

Affiliate Ratios Report

The Affiliate Ratios Report shows a breakdown of relevant statistics for each affiliate, including:

  • Page Views - How many overall views your offer received.
  • Unique Visitor - How many unique views your offer received.
  • Sales - How many visitors have completed your offer.
  • Continuity - How many customers have completed recurring transactions.
  • Page View Ratio - A ratio comparison of page views to sales.
  • Convs. Ratio - A ratio comparison of conversions to sales.
  • Continuity - Sales - A ratio comparison of continuity sales vs. regular sales.
  • Voids - The number of voided transactions.
  • Trans - Voids - A ratio comparison of transactions vs. voided transactions.

Clicking any customer or affiliate username brings you to the Affiliate Details page, where you can view any information about that specified customer or affiliate that is stored in NATS For Networks. You can also sort each column in this table by clicking the column title (i.e. Sales). This will sort the table by that column by descending values.

NATS For Networks also offers the feature of being able to download a CSV dump for these statistics. To download this dump, simply click the "CSV" link under the search box.