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Warning: you cannot remove a manual sale -- it's a real sale, and you must pay the affiliate for it.

NATS For Networks allows clients to manually add affiliate-sent sales to your system and assign them to a particular affiliate. This feature is useful in case adjustments are needed to be made regarding affiliate payments.

You can manually add a sale to an affiliate through the Affiliates Admin. To add a new manual sale, simply go to the Affiliates Admin, locate the affiliate you wish to add a sale for, and click the corresponding "Add Manual Sale" action icon in the right-hand column under the "Affiliates" table.

Adding a Manual Sale in NATS For Networks

You will then be taken to the "Add Manual Sale" page, where you can fill out any necessary criteria that must be specified for this sale to be processed in the "Sale Criteria" list. These criteria include:

  • Date - The date you wish to be recorded for your manual sale.
  • Affiliate SubIDs - Which affiliate tag set you want to give credit for the sale to.
  • Referring URL - The URL that the visitor was referred from.
  • Country - What country the customer is located in.
  • Offer - Which offer the visitor registered for.
  • Landing Page - Which landing page the visitor used to browse your site before registering.

Remember, you cannot remove a manual sale. It is a real sale, and you must pay the affiliate for it.