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NATS For Networks gives you the option to add your own custom questions to your affiliate signup form.

Visit the Communications Admin and select "Signup Questions" from the sidebar. Create a section for your question by entering a section name and clicking "Add." The section name will appear on the signup form as the question header bar for its questions. If you select "Enable on Signup Page", this section's questions will immediately appear on the signup page. Once you have a section, icons will appear in the actions column:

  • Enable / Disable Section - Toggle between having the section enabled or disabled.
  • Edit Section Name - Edit the Section's name and toggle the section as Enabled / Disabled on the Signup Page.
  • View Questions - View, edit, and create questions for this section.
  • Delete section - remove this section. You can view deleted sections with the "Click Here to Show Deleted Sections" link.

Adding a Question

You can add questions to a section by clicking the magnifying glass icon. Then fill out these question fields:

  • Question - the question you would like to display on the signup form.
  • Answer Type - how the affiliate will answer this question: either Multiple Choice, a Text Area, or Text Field.
  • Required - If you would like this question to be required for the signup form to submit.
  • Minimum - The minimum number of characters the affiliate can enter (For ex., 3)
  • Maximum - The maximum number of characters the affiliate can enter (For ex., 25)
  • Check Function - use a Check function on the inputted text. For more information, see Check Functions.

You can edit these fields at any time with the pencil icon, and delete this question with that trash can.

Multiple Choice

If you select "Multiple Choice" as your answer type, you will need to create those choices. Do so by selecting the purple arrows icon.

NFN MultipleChoice.png

This will bring up two more fields:

  • Option Name - The text displayed for this answer.
  • Option Type - The type of answer this will be.
    • Checkbox - a box that can be checked or unchecked. Multiple Checkboxes can be checked at once.
    • Radio Button - a button that can be checked or unchecked. Only one Radio Button can be checked at once.
    • Drop Down Menu - a drop-down of answers to select. Every answer choice selected as "Drop Down Menu" will appear in the same drop down.
    • Text Field - an open field for affiliates to type in a short answer.
    • Text Area - a larger field where affiliates can type a long open-ended response.

View Affiliate Answers

To view the answers affiliates have inputted into your questions, you can do so in the Affiliates Admin. Simply find the affiliate you would like to view, and select the "Affiliate Overview" icon. The questions will appear on the bottom of this page.

NFN AffiliateOverview.png