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Upgrading TubeStudio

TubeStudio is built from the ground up to be self upgradeable. From the support admin you have the ability to select the latest version and TubeStudio will then preform all the upgrade tasks in the background. While TubeStudio is upgrading you can continue to work in the admin and your sites continue to function.

Why Upgrade

Throughout the course of development from one release to the next we will occasionally release patch versions that will fix severe and critical bugs. You can always update to the latest release or patch version by visiting the Support Admin page. When choosing the version to upgrade to you will sometimes have two options:

  • Upgrade to the latest stable version
  • Upgrade to the latest released patch.

The latest patch will always contain recent bug fixes. Do to the rapid changing environment of the internet we are constantly adding new features to help you stay competitive and will pre-release them in the latest patches so an admin wishing for the cutting edge can take advantage of them if they choose to. However these features are usually not considered stable and fully tested until its included in the next release.

How to Upgrade

To upgrade your TubeStudio install to the latest release follow these steps:

1. Click on the Support admin link.png link to go to the Support Admin.

Support admin.png

2. You will see your current version and the current stable version in the table titled TubeStudio Versions as shown below:

Support admin version.png

Click on the version number for the current stable version to upgrade to that version. If you want to upgrade to the latest build click on the version number associated with that option. Please be aware that the latest build is not considered stable and may not be fully tested.
3. This will now start the upgrade and show you the following screen:

Upgrade in progress.png

The upgrade may take up to 5 to 10 minutes depending on the connection speed of your server. You may go to any page while this is running because it is run by the cron on your server. To view progress on your upgrade just go back to the Support Admin and click on the Tmm upgrader.png tab. This will bring you back to the upgrade log for your current upgrade.
4. Once the upgrade is complete it will be shown in the log as shown below:

Upgrade complete.png

The drop down at the top of the upgrade page will let you see the logs for any previous upgrades. If there were any problems during the upgrade you will see additional messages in the log output.