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List of Sites

The following is what the sites admin looks like with several sites added:
Sites admin.png

  • The Site List tab Site list.png brings you back to your list of sites.
  • The Add a Site tab Add a site tab.png brings you to the page to add a new site. TubeStudio Basics goes over how to add a site.
  • The All Channels All channels.png brings you to all the channels you have created for all the sites.


Next to each site there is a list of actions that can be preformed on that site. This section describes those actions.

On each of the action pages there are addtional tabsSite tab actions.png that are there for your convenience.

Edit Site Detail

  • The Edit Site action Pencil.png allows you to edit the details of the site.
    • Edit site details.png
      • The Site Name is the name of your site.
      • Site Hostname is the URL of your site without the http:// part.
      • Site Launch is the date that you want your site to go live.
      • Caching is recommended so your site loads faster.

Edit Publish Rules

  • The Edit Publish Rules action Publish rules.png is to add videos that have not been published yet. For more details on how publish rules work please go to TubeStudio Publishing Rules.

Edit Site Channel

  • The Edit Site's Channel action Channel.png lets the details of channels for that site to be edited.

Edit Site Setting

  • The Edit Sites Setting action Settings.png allows you to override global settings from the Configuration Admin for a specific site. Please refer to TubeStudio Site Configuration for more information.

Managing Site Templates

Delete Site

  • The Delete action Delete.png marks the site as deleted. Sites are not permanently deleted. It can be viewed by clicking the link "Click here to show deleted sites". To restore the site, click on the green arrow. The site will now show as an active site.