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This section will help you better navigate though your TubeStudio installation and get familiar with the interface.
The TubeStudio interface is simple and intuitive to use. All of you administrative sections are listed on the top of each page with easy to recognize icons.

Tube main navbar.png

In addition to these icons each specific section will have tabs at the top for more functions that are specific to that section.
For example, the Videos Admin has the following subsections:
Video subsections.png

Many items in TubeStudio have specific actions that can be applied to them. This is usually denoted by a series of icons for each action directly next to the item.
For example, in the Sites Admin sites have the following action list:

Site actions.png
For an explanation of each icon for any item please see the article for the appropriate section.

Admin Overview

When you first log in to your TubeStudio admin, you will see the Admin Overview page this page gives you a detailed statistical view of your tube site. Features include, video statistics like number of views and total number of videos, member information, backend information like number of videos being processed and number of errors, and a general overview that tell you the total number of sites and channels.
Admin overview.png
When a specific video is displayed in a stat it gives you some actions that you can perform on that video:
1. View details.pngView video details – see detailed information regarding that video
2. Watch video.pngWatch video – launches a popup that lets you view the video
3. Delete.pngDelete video – marks the video as deleted. (Note: Marking the video as deleted does not permanently delete it. For more information please see the Adding Videos article.)

When a specific member is displayed in gives you some actions that you can perform on that member:
1. View details.pngView user details – this allows you to view detailed information about the user
2. Pencil.pngEdit user details – this allows you to edit detailed information about the user
3. Delete.pngDelete user – this allows you to go to the Users Admin and delete that user
For more details on deleting users please see the section on the Users Admin.

In the section titled Most Recent Comments you are given three actions:
1. Unapprove.pngMarked Unapproved – This prevents the comment from displaying on your tube site but does not delete the comment
2. View details.pngView Comment Details – This lets you see more details about the comment such as who added it and on what site.
3. Delete.pngDelete Comment – This lets you completely delete the comment

Sites Admin

The sites admin lets you manage all of your tube sites in your installation. In addition you can add channels and edit your sites publish rules. For more information please see the Managing Sites article.

Sites admin.png

Skins and Templates

Here is where you can edit you skins that you have for your different tube sites and the templates within these skins. For more information please see the article All About Templates.

Skins templates.png

Videos Admin

Here is where you can manage all the videos in you TubeStudio install. It lets you add, edit, and view all your videos and change the thumbnails for them. For more information please see the article Adding Videos.

Videos admin page.png

Users Admin

Here is where you can manage all your users both internal to your admin and external on your sites. You can view member details, and add and delete users. In addtion you can also give and take away user permissions. For more details please see the User Admin article.

Users admin.png

Feedback Admin

This admin is used see and comment that users have posted on your tube site. It allows you to get feedback from your users on your content. For more information please see the Feedback Admin

Feedback admin.png