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Software Requirements

Please verify the following programs are installed. Your host can install any missing or out-of-date programs.

  • Linux or Unix, including BSD, Macintosh OS X, and Darwin
    • You must not use Cpanel. It has a habit of altering database structures which will break your installation.
  • Apache
    • Must not use mod_security
    • Must not use Safe Mode
    • Must have FollowSymLinks enabled in Apache for your TubeStuio install.
  • MySQL version 5.0; we prefer MySQL version 5.1 for its database partitioning capability. Future versions of TubeStudio will require MySQL 5.1.
    • MySQL must also be accessible from the CLI, which may require changes to the my.cnf file
    • Ensure that NO_UNSIGNED_SUBTRACTION is enabled
  • MaxMind GeoIP. You must have at least the free version. Must install mod_geoip
  • mod_PHP 5.2.
    • Enable short_open_tag in your server's php.ini
    • PHP CLI (should be the same version used by apache and should use the same php.ini)
    • Apache and the CLI must allow exec commands from PHP
    • must have cURL, FreeType with Open SSL, GDlib, and mcrypt (with blowfish and ecb support) included)
    • Must not use Safe Mode
  • Ioncube
    • If possible ensure the "enable_dl" setting is turned on in php.ini
  • MPlayer with all codecs
  • mencoder
  • flvtool2
  • zip

Server Requirements

For best performance, TubeStudio (as with any large server program) should be installed on a dedicated server. This is not a requirement but is encouraged. Performance issues, load issues, permissions issues, and directory restriction issues are just some of the potential reasons why we recommend this. It's also common that shared servers will use control panel programs and/or have too many restrictions on functionality to operate properly or predictably.

TubeStudio requires at least two Web-accessible domains. One domain will be for the Tube site and the other will be for the admin. If you choose, you can make the admin a sub domain of the main tube site domain. For example: and

You will also require secure shell (SSH) access to start the installation. The user account must also be able to create a crontab entry.

Please create a new database in the current MySQL server. Grant all access to that database to a username and password of your choosing. Commands to create a database and grant all access to a specific user can be found in the MySQL documentation.

Please remove any server administration software. Server administration software might break TubeStudio. Over the years we have encountered numerous issues where administration software has altered the structure of a our databases and ultimitly broken installations. As such we are not able to provide support for any instalaltion where it is discovered that the database has been changed.

Once your server is setup you following the TubeStudio Installation Instructions.