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Template Functions


  • Purpose: Output page number links to content instead of just 'next' and 'previous' links
  • Usage: {print_page_numbers start=$params.start count=$params.count total=$carma_content_count}
  • Required: total
  • Version: 1.4 or greater
  • Default Templates Used: page_numbers
  • Variables created: $first_page, $last_page, $current_page, $total_pages, $page_params


(Required parameters in bold)

Parameter Description Possible Values Default Value Example
count How many of the content do we display per page Zero or any whole number greater than zero 12 count=$params.count
start What number did the content start displaying at Any whole number greater than zero 0 start=$params.start
total The total amount of content found Any whole number greater than zero None. (Doesn't hide any results) total=$carma_content_count
tpl Template to use for showing the output Any whole number greater than zero None. (Doesn't hide any results) start=10
show_pages The amount of page numbers to display to the users Any whole number greater than zero 9. show_pages=9
current_page The current page that is being shown Any whole number greater than zero Will be calculated on the fly current_page=5
total_pages Total amount of pages that exist Any whole number greater than zero Will be calculated on the fly total_pages=65


The function will output a list of page numbers on your website so users can more easily navigate through the content you provide.

Example Template

<div class='video_pages'>
  <div class='video_pages-big'>PAGE {$params.current_page} OF {$params.total_pages}</div>
  {if $params.current_page > 1 }
    <div class='video_pages-big'><a href='{rebuild_link using="GET" without="start,count"}&start=0&count={$params.count}'><< FIRST</a></div>
    <div class='video_pages-big'><a href='{rebuild_link using="GET" without="start,count"}&start={math equation="x-y" x=$params.start y=$params.count}&count={$params.count}'>< PREVIOUS</a></div>
    <div class='video_pages-big'><< FIRST</div>
    <div class='video_pages-big'>< PREVIOUS</div>
  {foreach from=$page_numbers item=page_info}
    {if $params.current_page == $}
      <div class='video_pages-active'>{$}</div>
      <div class='video_pages-small'><a href='{rebuild_link using="GET" without="start,count"}&start={$page_info.start}&count={$params.count}'>{$}</a></div>
  {if $params.current_page < $params.total_pages }
    <div class='video_pages-big'><a href='{rebuild_link using="GET" without="start,count"}&start={math equation="x+y+1" x=$params.start y=$params.count}&count={$params.count}'>NEXT ></a></div>
    <div class='video_pages-big'><a href='{rebuild_link using="GET" without="start,count"}&start={math equation="(x-1)*y" x=$params.total_pages y=$params.count}&count={$params.count}'>LAST >></a></div>
    <div class='video_pages-big'>NEXT ></div>
    <div class='video_pages-big'>LAST >></div>

Example Function Call

{print_page_numbers start=$params.start count=$params.count total=$carma_content_count}