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Mailing admin.png

Adding Mailer

To add a new mailer:

  • Fill in Adding new mailer.png with a freeform date or a special options:
    • Freeform date is any of the following: 2009/02/22, 02-22-2009, next week, and tomorrow. For next week and tomorrow it will automatically be converted to a freeform date.
    • ASAP or blank will mail at the next mailer run.
    • Never will not send automatically but send manually.
    • Daily is sent daily.
    • per period will send at the first day of the period.
    • weekday will send on the first day of the week.
  • Then fill in the subject and click Add.

You will be brought to a page like
Mail body.png
You add what you want to send either in the Plain Text or HTML part. The click Save Changes.


Mailer actions.png

  • To preview the message, click onView details.png.
  • To edit the email, click on Pencil.png.
  • To set display rules, click on Publish rules.png.
  • To send test mail to yourself, click on Test send.png.
  • To send mail manually, click on Send now.png.
  • To delete the mail, click on Delete.png.

Display Rule

Mail display rule.png

Types of Rules

  • Show rule lets you send the email to the people that matches the rule.
  • Ignore rule will ignore the people who matches the rule.
  • Hold rule will not send the email to the people that matches the rule.

Fields Setting Rules

The fields that you can set:

  • Status:the users/admin status
  • Site:all the sites or just one of the many
  • User: you can search for specific users.
  • Videos: by how many videos they have added.
  • Once: to send only once.
  • Optin:let your members choose to receive mails by adding the following code to your join form template
<input type="checkbox" name="signup[mailok]" value=1 checked>
  • Join Days: the number greater than or less than or exactly a number
  • Start Date/Time: the day the rule will start on. Must be filled out or it will not add the rule.
  • End Date/Time: the day the rule will end. You can put FOREVER here so it will always remain. Must be filled out or it will not add the rule.

Remove List

You add the people who don't want to get emails from you to this list. When a mass email is sent, the people on the remove list will not receive the email.