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Adding Skins

For more information on how to add skins please go to TubeStudio Adding Skins.

How Skins are Listed

Skins templates 2.png
There is a list of sites. Under each site are the list of skins for it. The child skin is indented to the right so it seems that it is under the parent skin. If you have more than one types of skin for the site then the first parent will be aligned, the second will be aligned, and so forth. For more information on parent skin and child skin please refer to this page TubeStudio Adding Skins.

There are three Skin Types: Basic, Advanced, and Bare. For more information on the skin type, please go to TubeStudio Adding Skins.

The Active For column is to set which group of people can see what skin. There are two groups: the user and admins. For more information on User and admins please go to the TubeStudio User Admin. To let the group to see the skin, it has to appear under the Active For column of the skin.


Edit Skin Details

Skin template edit details.png
To edit the details of a skin, click on Pencil.png in the Action column and the row which the skin is on. You will be able to edit the Skin Name, Description, and Active For. To make a group not see this skin, make sure that the group is not checked. You are not able to change the Skin Type. Click Save to save the changes.

Active/Disable Skin

When there are more than one skin under a site, you would need to choose which one you want to use. Click Active.png will disable the skin that was in use before and use the skin that is in the same row as the Active.png you just clicked on. To disable the skin just click on Disable action.png in the same row as the skin name.

Adding Child Skin

To add a child skinAdd child skin.png, please refer to TubeStudio Adding Skins.

View Templates

To view templates, click on Skin template viewing template.png. For more information on templates please refer to TubeStudio All About Templates.

Preview Skin

To preview the skin on the site, click on View details.png. It will show you what your site will look like.

Deleting Skin

To delete the skin, click on Delete.png.