NATS4 Upgrade Changelog

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NATS4 Upgrade Changelog
The New NATS4
Administration Changes
New NATS4 Admins
New NATS4 Admin Overview
New NATS4 Reports Admin
New NATS4 Payments Admin
New NATS4 News and Notifications Admin
New NATS4 Affiliates Admin
New NATS4 Members Admin
New NATS4 Sites Admin
Difference between NATS4 and NATS3 Postback URL
New NATS4 Programs Admin
New NATS4 Billers Admin
New NATS4 Adtools Admin
New NATS4 Upsells Admin
New NATS4 Includes Admin
New NATS4 Mailing Admin
New NATS4 Skins & Templates Admin
New NATS4 Configuration Admin
New NATS4 Cleanup and Maintenance Admin
New NATS4 Logs Admin
Affiliate Changes
New NATS4 Affiliate Dashboard
New NATS4 Affiliate Statistics
New NATS4 Affiliate Adtools Section
New NATS4 Affiliate My Account Section
New NATS4 Affiliate Support

Too Much Media proudly released NATS version 4 (NATS4) on Friday, 1 August 2008. We've written this guide for NATS3 program owners and affiliates bewildered by NATS4's many improvements. We've omitted everything you already know about NATS and focused on just the changes between NATS3 and NATS4.

Affiliates ready to learn about NATS4 should read the NATS4 Affiliate Changes Guide.

Administrators ready to learn about NATS4 should read the NATS4 Administration Changes Guide. You may also wish to read the NATS4 Affiliate Changes Guide.

If you still have questions about NATS4 after reading this guide, please submit a support request.