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You'll find the following settings in the NATS Configuration Admin.


Your program's domain. If you change this, you should setup an Apache virtual host for the hold value so that your old links continue to work. Warning: setting this to a bad value will break NATS.


Stores payment dumps immediately after they are formed. You can find the payment dump in the Payments Admin in the Stored Payments section. This feature prevents forgetting to mark dumps as paid.


Sets which days end a Period. At the end of a period, NATS makes a payment dump. The value can be days of the month (e.x 1, 15, or 30) or days of the week (w1 is Monday, w2 is Tuesday, etc...) The default value is the 1st and the 16th of the month. If you want this value changed, please contact support.


Tells the system the number of pay periods to wait for before generating a payment dump. The default value is 0. If you want this value changed, please contact support.


Identify your system for the auto license update. If you change or removed this without contacting TMM first, the license update will fail and you will need to put it on the server manually.


Used on various NATS templates to print the name of your NATS. For example: NICE_NAME is used to name the news section on members.php. You can change these to anything.

Currency Rates

Sets the currency exchange rates for common currencies. You may enter as many numbers after the decimal places as you want.

Warning: these rates do not auto update.

  • RATE_CAD_TO_USD is the Exchange Rate for Canadian dollars to USD (1 CAD = X USD)
  • RATE_EUR_TO_USD is the Exchange Rate for Euros to USD (1 EUR = X USD)
  • RATE_GBP_TO_USD is the Exchange Rate for British Pounds to USD (1 GBP = X USD)
  • RATE_NOK_TO_USD is the Exchange Rate for Norwegian Kroner to USD (1 NOK = X USD)
  • RATE_SEK_TO_USD is the Exchange Rate for Swedish Kronor to USD (1 SEK = X USD)
  • RATE_DKK_TO_USD is the Exchange Rate for Danish Kroner to USD (1 DKK = X USD)
  • RATE_CHF_TO_USD is the Exchange Rate for Swiss Francs to USD (1 CHF = X USD)
  • RATE_JPY_TO_USD is the Exchange Rate for Japanese Yen to USD (1 JPY = X USD)