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When prompted, fill in the Account Number, Advanced Dynamic Upgrades, API Username and API Password that were provided to you by CCBillFF under the "Account Info" section. If you were not provided with this information, please contact your [[Ct#Biller|biller]] to receive it.
When prompted, fill in the Account Number, Advanced Dynamic Upgrades, API Username and API Password that were provided to you by CCBillFF under the "Account Info" section. If you were not provided with this information, please contact your [[Ct#Biller|biller]] to receive it.
[[File:CCBILLFF biller admin.png]]
=== Sites Admin ===
=== Sites Admin ===

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Please don't test your biller setup with NATS4 CCBill Flexform's test account—it won't work correctly. CCBILLFF transactions using CCBill's Test Transaction System can be recorded by enabling the 'PROCESS_CCBILLFF_TEST_TRANSACTIONS' setting available in your Configuration Admin on NATS versions and above.

Set up on CCBillFF's Website

Register a CCBill account.

To setup the site sub-account. login to the CCBill Admin, click Tools, click Account Maintenance, and go to the Account Setup section. Follow the on-screen instructions to setup the the site basics. You don't need to download the index page.

After setting up a sub-account, click Tools and Account Maintenance again and select a site from the list of sub-accounts. Choose Basic Setup and enter the following Denial and Approval URLs:

  • http://linkdomain/signup/returnurl_ccbillff.php?
  • http://linkdomain/signup/returnurl_ccbillff.php?status=approved

From the Subaccount Admin, click the Webhooks link on the left side of the screen. Enter the following URL in the Webhook URL field:

  • http://linkdomain/signup/process_ccbillff.php

From Advanced Setup remove both the Denial and Approval Post URL fields for each site that will be using CCBill FlexForms.

Please ensure that "Traffic Manager" feature of CCBillFF is not turned on. This feature cascades surfers between different payment types within CCBillFF's system and can cause NATS cascading to not work properly.

Go to User Management. If your site needs user management, set the following options, but make sure they match the NATS settings.

  • Username Type: USER DEFINED
  • Collect Username/Password: Display Username and Password
  • Min. Username Length: 6
  • Max. Username Length: 16
  • Min. Password Length: 6
  • Max. Password Length: 16

Set up CCBillFF in NATS

Billers Admin

To begin setting up CCBillFF as a biller in NATS, go to the Billers Admin. Scroll down to the "Biller" drop-down menu, select CCBillFF, and click "Add."

Note: If you don't see CCBillFF as a biller in NATS4, put in a support ticket, as you may need an updated version of NATS.

When prompted, fill in the Account Number, Advanced Dynamic Upgrades, API Username and API Password that were provided to you by CCBillFF under the "Account Info" section. If you were not provided with this information, please contact your biller to receive it. CCBILLFF biller admin.png

Sites Admin

Next, go to the Sites Admin, create or edit a tour, and scroll down to the "Biller Details" section. Enter your CCBillFF Sub-Account, into the CCBILLFF Sub Account field. You may also optionally add a Salt, which will be used for dynamic pricing, and allow for Advanced Dynamic Upgrades.

Once you have done this, scroll down to the section labeled "Join Options for this Tour" and click the "Edit Option Details for this tour" icon that corresponds to the join option you wish to use. In the "Biller Codes" section on the next page, locate the "CCBILLFF" options. Enter your CCBILLFF Flex ID (also known as Price IDs) for every payment method you wish to accept. Optionally, you can also configure Enable Dynamic Pricing, a Currency, an alternative sub account (Alter-Sub), Prorate on upgrade, and/or Upgrade Type ID

If the FlexID is not unique to the site, you can configure an optional TypeId for the join option.

Click save when you have finished filling out the available fields. CCBillFF will now be configured to process basic transactions through NATS4.

Subscription Upgrade

Use CCBillFF's back-end post system by setting up an upgrade sub-account for each site in CCBillFF's admin. This is done by creating a new sub-account in the CCBillFF Web Admin and within the notes for adding the sub-account, note that this new account will be an upgrade account for one of your particular sites.

CCBillFF will in turn, mark the sub-account as an upgrade account and set up the necessary upgrade join options.

Once set up go to Sites Admin, edit a tour, and create or edit a join option.

Go to the biller details section and find the CCBillFF subsection. Enter the upgrade sub-account information in the provided field and click the Save Changes button. Repeat for each site.

Contact CCBill and inform them that you want to enable upgrades using the back-end posts. You must give CCBill your server's IP addresses for sub-account.

If you have any further questions in regards to the set up of the new sub account on CCbills end please contact CCBill support

On your CCBillFF account, go to advanced setup for the sub-account and enter the following URL in the Denial and Approval Post URL fields:

  • http://<linkdomain>/signup/process_ccbillff.php

Replace <linkdomain> with your site's linkdomain.

After CCBillFF upgrades are working, put the following link in your limited members area for user upgrades:

  • http://<linkdomain>/signup/upgradeplus.php?site=<siteid>&username=<username>

Replace <linkdomain> with the linkdomain for your site. Replace <siteid> with your site's ID number. Replace <username> with the upgrading member's username.

CCBillFF Package Plus

CCBill Flexform contains package plus capabilities, where a member can upgrade their membership to a higher tier using CCBillFF. To set this up in NATS, you first need to create a package of join options in the desired site, each with the same Package ID. Also make sure that the "Package Upgrade Allowed" field is set to "Yes" or checked. (For more information on setting up a package, see our NATS4 Package Plus wiki.)

Under the "Configuration" section, go to the "Billers" configuration setting, locate the "Ccbillff" section, and change the "Ccbillff Allowed Ips" to include your IP. You may have to do so in your NATS by going to yor includes/config_override.php file and adding the necessary IP addresses.

Under "Biller Details" in the Join Option Overview, locate your CCBILLFF biller and click the "+" button. Include your Flex ID and choose your "Prorate on upgrade" option.

After a member signs up under this join option and then wants to upgrade to a higher tier option, you can go to the link yourdomain/signup/packageplus.php?username=X&site=Y, where there will be an upgrade option with another join option contained in the same package. NOTE: Replace "yourdomain" with your domain name, the username "X" to the username of the member, and the site "Y" to the site's ID number. Follow the instructions on the upgrade page and confirm your package upgrade.

Cross Sells and Upsells

CCBill Flex Forms supports Cross sells. This setup is similar to other billers where you will need to create an incoming and outgoing xsell for internal cross sales. Please see our cross sells wiki for general instructions on setting up a cross sale: NATS4_Configuring_Cross_Sells

CCBillFF Random Usernames and Passwords

If you setup random username's on CCBillFF's website, you need to remove the Username and Password fields from your site's join form.

Disable CCBillFF Multiple Redirects

If you have issues with affiliates receiving double payments for traffic they have referred, it may be due to the Multiple Redirects feature found in CCBillFF's settings. Turn off the Multiple Redirects feature at CCBillFF's site in order to prevent incorrect linkcodes from being used to record double traffic.

Disable CCBillFF Decline Auto-Redirect

If CCBillFF automatically redirects to a "Signup with Bank Account" page regardless of what's in your cascade, you probably have CCBillFF Decline Auto-Redirect enabled. Go to the CCBill website, log in, find the Forms or Traffic Flow page, and disable the feature to automatically redirect surfers on a decline.

Invalid Request Error

The invalid request error appears when the biller isn't set up correctly in the Billers Admin. Go to the Billers Admin and double-check your biller account info. Remember not to include the sub-account ID in the account ID. If this is not the problem, ensure the sub-account was enabled.

CCBillFF Member and Password Management

You need to enable CCBill password management if you use text password files. If you use NATS for authentication with MySQL Auth, then you can turn password management off.

Instead of letting CCBill write to the NATS database, have CCBill Manage the database with scripts called from NATS postbacks.

If you have old sites that used flat password files and now use NATS, then you must keep the password management on and add the following line to your .htaccess file:

AuthMySQLAuthoritative Off


Three settings in the CCBill Administration Interface affect cascading billing.

If a check signup form exists, denied transactions are sent there. To cascade, modify the traffic flow here in the CCBillFF Admin. Go to Tools, Account Maintenance, Account Admin, Form Admin, Choose Form, Traffic, and set the Traffic Flow to None. Now CCBillFF sends denied transactions to the denial URL immediately.

CCBillFF automatically redirects denied CC transactions. By default, the redirect takes 5 seconds, but you can changed this to 3 seconds. Go to Tools, Account Maintenance, Account Admin, Basic, Denial Redirect Time. Note: activating the None option disables the automatic redirect.

By default, on a soft decline, CCBillFF lets the customer submit their purchase three times before sending them to the denial URL. CCBillFF can be send customers to the denial URL after the first decline; ask them to disable the soft decline retries on your account.

CCBillFF Adding Users Error E-Mail

If you use NATS to handle your password management (mod_auth_mysql or some other method using the NATS members table) then you can safely disregard this mail.

If you use standard flat password files, then you should talk to your host or tech and CCBill to resolve this issue with them. NATS does not handle flat password files and we cannot fix the problem.

If you use both NATS and flat password files, then you should still talk to your host or tech and CCBill to fix the password file issue -- even if members get access through NATS.

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