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*[[NATS_For_Networks|NATS for Networks]]
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Welcome to the Too Much Media Wiki,
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About Too Much Media

Too Much Media is a fast-growing Central New Jersey software company that develops and supports affiliate and content management software for Internet businesses, affiliates, and content providers. These products include NATS, CARMA, TubeStudio, and RSSdish.

Too Much Media is based on simple, efficient principles:

  • Update and improve our software to remain the industry standard.
  • Create the most flexible and reliable software possible.
  • Rely on feedback from both clients and end users of our products.
  • Provide timely, accurate, and helpful support.

This Wiki is intended to give clients comprehensive information about our products, as well as answer basic support questions and problems. If additional help is necessary, please submit a support ticket through our TMM Client Area.

To see what's new in NATS and CARMA, please visit our Change Logs.

For Clients

How Can I Submit a Support Request?

  • Too Much Media offers support for our existing clients through the TMM Client Area

How Can I Contact Too Much Media?

Too Much Media Wiki News

Insider Tips

Insider tips from recent issues of the Too Much Media Insider Newsletter

How do I set up a New Biller?

We provide detailed setup instructions for all the billers we support. Please check our NATS Billers page for more information on supported billers.

Linkcode Manipulation

Affiliates can send their referrals straight to your pre-join page by appending the word, join, to their linkcode:

  • http://join.example.com/track/MjozOjE/join

Affiliates can also link to a specific part of your tour. For example, the affiliate can pass the variable, extra_var=1234 to a tour by appending a question mark and the variable assignment to their linkcode:

  • http://join.example.com/track/MjozOjE/?extra_var=1234

Learn more about linkcode manipulation in the Deep Linking article.

Customizing Join Forms

You can customize your NATS join form to be displayed in a wide variety of ways by editing your 'join' templates through the Sites Admin. For example, you can choose to display your available join options as radio buttons instead of a drop-down menu, or create a 'join' link rather than a 'join' form. This lets you redirect surfers directly to the biller join page, instead of having to fill out the standard NATS pre-join form.

Learn more about customizing your join forms in the NATS4 Join Page Variables article.