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In the Miscellaneous (Misc) section of the Configuration Admin, there is an option labeled MODIFY_TYPEIN_TRAFFIC. When checked, this allows you to assign a program and affiliate to a member's subscription that joined via type-in.

In order to modify the member subscription, you must first search for the member in the Members Admin. Once you have located the member, click on the "Edit Member" pencil-and-paper icon. A list of fields that you can modify for this member record will be available and, if the member joined by type-in traffic, these additional fields will be available:

  • Assign Affiliate
  • Assign Program

Assigning an Affiliate

To assign an affiliate to a member, type in the name of the affiliate in the field labled "Assign Affiliate" and click on the affiliate's userame that appears below in a dropdown list. Please note that once a member subscription is assigned to an affiliate, this cannot be changed.

Assigning a Program

Once an affiliate has been assigned to a member, the "Assign Program" field will be populated with a drop-down list of all of the programs in which that Affiliate is enrolled. Next, select the program you wish to assign to this member and click "Edit Member Info". Whenever a member is assigned an affiliate or program in this way a note is inserted in the member record indicating that this was changed for future reference.