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NATS For Networks
API Overview
GET /affiliate/search
POST /affiliate/affiliate_login_ips
GET /creative/get_creative_fields
GET /creative/get_creative_rules
PATCH /creative/undelete_creative
PATCH /creative/edit_creative_rules
PATCH /creative/edit_creative
PATCH /creative/delete_creative
POST /creative/delete_creative_rules
POST /creative/add_creative_rule
POST /creative/add_creative
GET /offer/check_orderid_exists
GET /report/profitloss
GET /report/transaction
GET /transaction/transaction_payout_preview
GET /service/ping
PATCH /offer/pause_offer
PATCH /offer/activate_offer

GET /creative/get_creative_rules


  • get_creative_rules Accepts the creativeids that you want are requesting, and an optional show_inactive flag to get rules that aren't currently active.

Resource URL

  • http://domain/api/creative/get_creative_rules
  • Replace domain with the NATS for Networks domain

Response Format

  • JSON

Request Method

  • GET


  • HTTP headers


  • creativeids
    • type: integer,string,array
    • required
    • either an int creativeid, a comma separated list of int creativeids, or an array of int creativeids for which you are retrieving rules
  • show_inactive
    • type: bool
    • optional
    • includes inactive rules in result. Default is FALSE;

Example Request


http://domain/api/creative/get_creative_rules?creativeids=1&show_hidden=1 http://domain/api/creative/get_creative_rules?creativeids=1,2,3 http://domain/api/creative/get_creative_rules?creativeids[0]=1&creativeids[1]=2&creativeids[2]=3

  • Response:
				"adtool_rule_id": "151",
				"identid": "9",
				"start_time": "1472673563",
				"end_time": "0",
				"rule_type": "2",
				"adtoolid": "13",
				"adtool_type_id": "1",
				"rule_key": "57c7371bd5dfe",
				"start_nice": "2016-08-31 21:59:23",
				"end_nice": "FOREVER",
				"rule_type_nice": "HIDE",
				"loginid": {"ALL": "ALL"},
				"offerid": {"ALL": "ALL"},
				"landing_pageid": {"ALL": "ALL"}

Example Code


$url = 'http://domain/api/creative/get_creative_rules'
$curl = curl_init(); 
$headers = array( 
    'api-key: 44b5498dbcb481a0d00b404c0169af62', 
    'api-username: productsupport' 
$data = Array(
	'creativeids' => 1

$data_string = http_build_query($data);
$url .= '?'.$data_string;

curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, $headers); 
curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true); 
curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_URL, $url); 

$resp = curl_exec($curl); 
//dumps an associative array representation of the json 
var_dump(json_decode($resp, true)); 
// Close request to clear up some resources